Beginner’s Guide

Visiting a dentist you have never been to

This could make anyone feel nervous and anxious.
Perhaps patients abroad, such as in Thailand and Sriracha, have rather strong feelings in this sense.

At our dental clinic, with team of excellent dentists, we aim to provide a system in which our foreign patients can feel even more safe and at ease than in their home countries.

“I want to find a dental clinic that I can trust, and at least be able to get a dental checkup.”
“I want to quickly heal my cavities that are undergoing treatment.”
“I want to do something with this sudden pain in my gums.”
“The filling and crown fell out of my teeth, and I would like to have them reattached if possible.”

If you have the above needs or others, please feel free to contact us.


~Flow of treatment~

 Please make an appointment (could be possible even on the same day)

Our clinic also accommodates emergency patients. However, in general, we give priority to those with reservations, thus those without reservations may have a long wait. If you contact us in advance, even on the day of your visit, we may be able to provide you with smoother assistance.





Inquiry Form

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 What to bring on the day of visit

When visiting our clinic, please bring the following with you.

  • Something which we can know your passport number.
  • References for your insurance or medical allowances.


~On the day of treatment~

 Please take care coming to our clinic

Please refer to here for directions to reach our clinic.
In case you have trouble finding the place we will help you on the phone, so please feel free to call us.


 Fill out the profile

For first time visitors, please fill out a short profile document.
※ There is a place for the address, but if you are staying at a temporary apartment, just the name of the building is fine.


 Explanations about insurance coverage and benefits

Insurance coverage and benefits (allowances) related to overseas dental treatment could get complicated, and many who are seeking dental treatment overseas for the first time do not know how to apply for them. Our dental counselor will provide easy-to-understand guidance upon your arrival.


 Initial diagnosis

The dentist doctor will inspect the inside of your mouth. X-rays may be required for a more detailed diagnosis.


 Explanation of the policy and cost of the treatment

The dentist shall explain the diagnosis results, the methods of treatment, the necessary frequency and duration, as well as the cost.
We draw up a treatment estimate in order to explain the above elements to our patients. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.
Once you are satisfied with the plan, we will be able to proceed with the treatment.
Please note that depending on the dental situation, our treatment methods may differ from that the patient had expected.


 Beginning treatment

Please feel free to ask questions at all times if you happen to have concerns or troubles.
Also, there is a chance of other affected areas being discovered after treatment has started, such as cavities under the tartar.


 Explanation of precautions and other matters

For some cases, such as in which it will take a while for the treatment to be completed, we shall explain the precautions to be taken in daily life.


 Please make your next appoinment and payment

Upon making your payment, we shall adjust the schedule for patients who need a next appointment.
Along with the receipt, we also provide necessary documents regarding insurance and medical allowances.


>Consultations and reservations can be made here.

Consultations and reservations can be made here.